Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Married to a Foreigner Part 2

So people thing it's all fun and games being married to an English man (and sometimes it is) but lately its been pretty darn frustrating. And not because of him at all just because somethings are more difficult because he is not from here. Obviously. So this is going to be a big vent post about our latest battle.  So first, we found out that we will be living here for longer than expected which is good! However, we now need to find a house instead of throwing money away at an apartment. Which brings me to our first I have great credit but since I'm in school, I'm not working. So it's all on Tom..and Tom has NO credit in the US. He has great credit in England but nothing here. And apparently credit transfers from France, Australia and all these other countries except for England..of course. So, we have been working on building Tom a credit score and we have done everything we have been told but 7 months later still not one ounce of credit. (They told us it would take probably 3-6 months to get credit). So here we are having to tell our apartment complex if we are staying or not by the 10th of this month (for a 60 day notice). Our lease is up in October but still its a bit nerve racking trying to figure out what to do.
Secondly, we recently had to register our car in Beaumont and get car insurance. I set everything up and we got a great deal with the car insurance. I spent a few hours in June getting everything signed up and thought it was all good...but it wasn't. When we were vacationing in Florida I get a call that since Tom does not have a Texas Drivers License we are not eligible for this sector of insurance but, if he can get a drivers license by August 10th we can keep this insurance and save 30 dollars every month (which is a big deal to me). So as soon as we get back from our vacation we go to the ever exciting DPS and wait for over an hour to be told that since Tom is between 18-24 he has to take adult drivers education. Great. So Tom is REALLY busy at work right now with it being the beginning of the season and is finding it hard to find time to take this 6 hour online course. So finally I sign him up for the course and get him started. He finishes it in a couple days and we have to pay 40 extra bucks to get it over-nighted so he can go the next day to the DPS. So we go to the DPS yesterday with the document and bring all of what we were asked to bring to the DPS. So we wait another 2 hours only to be told we had the wrong documents....this time Tom was much less nice I had to go the back and handle the situation since he practically yelling at the woman telling us the information. She gave us a "skip the line" pass..thankfully. But then tells us Tom has to get a permit and that it would be 2 months before he could have a driving test. Which obviously does not make my deadline for the insurance. I about broke down after all of my efforts to get this together. I tried calling different DPS's to see if they had a random opening but they were all rude of course and just said no without any question. So these are not by any means major life problems, we are fine and healthy and loving life. I'm just venting and I wouldn't change anything..except for the people working at the DPS :)

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