Saturday, March 24, 2012

One Fun Weekend

We randomly decided to overload this weekend with excitement. To start it off with a bang we went to the midnight premiere for The Hunger Games with about a hundred overly excited high school students in the theater. It was my very first movie premiere and it was pretty good. It was quite amazing that I was able to stay up that long. I have the sleep habits of an elderly person. I go to bed as early as possible and get up around 7. Its a curse. I have so badly wanted to stay up late and sleep in but its apparently not for me. Anyways, after we had a few hours of sleep after the premiere Thomas had some work to do and since it was a beautiful day I went with him and got a bit of a tan. Then Thomas treated me to Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt. YUM. I absolutely love frozen yogurt. Probably one of my most favorite treats. After that we decided to go to the pool at our apartment complex and lay out some more. It was an absolutely beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky with a nice breeze. Couldn't get any better. We weren't out for too long so I did think I would get too bad of a sun burn. Well I should've thought again. I am now a lobster. Hopefully it turns into a nice tan :) After all this we decided to go to the Southeast Texas State Fair. I had never been to a actual fair before, just the rodeo. So this was an all new experience.
(Just a little part of all the craziness of the fair)
And what an experience it was! We recieved some advice on what food to eat so we tried a pork ka bob and it was just as good as reviewed! We then decided to try out a few rides at the fair. Thomas had his eye on the most crazy ride at the fair which put you upsidedown while going up and down and spinning in circles. Sounds fun after eating a lot of greasy foods right? No..not so much. My stomach felt as if it were on fire for the rest of the night. But we lived through it and learned to never do something like that again. Here is a video clip a ride almost the same as the one we were on.
Crazy right?
Even though the fair was fun it was nice to go back home and relax. It was so loud and overwhelming. I think that will be our only fair experience for a while.
Saturday we had a bit more of a chill day. Just shopping and cleaning.
Then Sunday we went to church and then enjoyed the beautiful weather. We then went to Vidor to have dinner and play games with some friends. We had a great time!

Spring Break 2012

I knew that I would struggle to find time to blog! I think about it but there are just so many other things to do. We had spring break last week and it was pretty fun despite being sick almost the whole time thanks to Tom! Of course he was only sick for 2 days and I'm going on 10 days.
We started out the spring break by driving up to Dallas to see some of Tom's friends. We stayed with them for a couple days and were able to go to a FC Dallas game. It was so fun!
Then we went to Great Wolf Lodge with my family! And it was SO fun.