Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Busy Bees!

It's been a LONG time since my last post mainly because I/we have been very busy since September! School, work, trip to England, moving into our house in February and for those of you who don't know Tom and I are expecting a baby boy in about 3 weeks! It has seriously flown by and I really cannot believe that we will have a new member of our family here that quickly. Speaking of new members of our family..We also have a new 4 legged addition named Brady :) A friend of mine had a 5 month old puppy that the owner was moving and needed a new home for him so, I offered to try it out! Thomas and I fell in love with him instantly. We've had him about a few months or so now and he is doing great! He's a really sweet dog that fits in perfectly with us. Here's a photo of our baby for now ;)
Here is a picture of our home! We moved in February 15th, can't believe its already been over 4 months we've been in our home. It came together so nicely! Building a home was a bit stressful when everything is on such a small scale, trying to imagine it on a whole house is overwhelming. I've just recently started decorating the inside so, I will post more pictures of the inside later as it comes together.
This blog post will be especially long since it's been so long..just to catch up on some of the important bits!
Here are a few of our photos from our trip to England for Christmas. It was SO much fun..despite the flights...being in the 1st trimester+being on an 11 hour flight= not a good idea. Lets just say the flight attendants had to make an announcement to " pass all the sick bags to the girl on row F"..not my finest moments. However, I was extremely relaxed through it all surprisingly since those who know me well know that have have severe anxiety on planes. Once we got there I was much better! We were able to relax at the Shenton's, take a tour of Tom's old school ( it was so much fun seeing where he went to school and getting to meet some of his old teachers), christmas day with the family, football/soccer match on boxing day, trip to London for our anniversary, and many other really fun times.
 On boxing day we went to watch a football match with the family and Grandad Shenton. We were in the box seats for the game which included a full English dinner prior to the game. It was such a fun experience. It was such a neat atmosphere, everybody was so into the game compared to the soccer matches in the MLS.
 On our first anniversary Thomas' family took us to London for a weekend! It was so much fun being back in the city where we were engaged. We did a bit of sight seeing, shopping and some very fine meals. This was our anniversary dinner at Jamie Oliver's Italian in Covent Gardens. It was really nice!
The next day in London we kept it pretty low key because Tom got food poisoning the night of our anniversary..poor boy. He was really good about it and we kept on going the next day! We did some shopping and went back to the spot where we got engaged in St. James' Park. Overall it was SO nice to go back to England and visit. We are looking forward to his family's visit in the end of July! Can't believe how quickly they will be here.

Thomas also was extra busy this spring season with his jobs! He is the director of training at Gusher United/BYSC and the club has done really well under his direction! I'm really proud of all the hard work he puts in. He also started playing for the Texas Strikers a PASL ( Professional Arena Soccer League) team that is brand new in Beaumont. It's had its ups and downs but it has been a fun experience for Tom to travel around the US doing something he loves to do.
Now things are starting to wind down with Tom's job and my work! This has been my has week of work and now it's time to relax and get things ready for Baby. I will post about my baby shower in Beaumont next! It was absolutely amazing. Hopefully one of the next few posts will be about the arrival of our new little one! We are so excited and can't believe we've only got 3 weeks ( or less!)
Oh and here's a little sneak peek at our little man!