Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Good day!

I got some exciting news today! I got an academic scholarship through Lamar today! I am SO excited. I couldn't apply for scholarships before the deadline in April because I had not been at Lamar full time for a semester yet so, it was looking like I wouldn't get one for the 2012-2013 school year. I was lucky to have a very nice scholarship employee at Lamar find a scholarship that someone lost. This is honestly something I never expected to do, I never tried hard in high school. I was more worried about my social life and extra curricular activities. I naturally thought that I wasn't very good in school since, my grades never showed it. However, I found out that when I tried I could really do well in school. Moral of the story is that hard work pays off. And on top of that I got a 100% on my first anatomy and physiology II quiz! yay! And we started our fetal pig dissection today and it was SO neat. I loved it..maybe I'm weird. Anyways..Life is good for now! The semester hasn't gotten too crazy yet. Tom's work load has slowed down a lot so we get to spend a lot more time together :)