Thursday, July 26, 2012

Birthday! :)

On to my birthday! It was absolutely amazing. It started off with breakfast and presents in bed. Thomas is SO good to me. Then he got a hot bath ready for me and told me to get ready for my day. So I get all ready and wonder whats going to be next and then there is a knock at the door annnnnd its my mom and siblings! I was so surprised I had no idea that they were coming over! My mom said we had to leave immediately. So along with all my sisters we went to get pedicures. It was so nice. Just what I needed. We then went back to the apartment to "go out to lunch" but when we got back the apartment was all decorated with streamers, balloons and a lunch with all my favorite foods were on the table. Then we had some cake that my sister homemade and decorated! It was perfect. We all hung out until my family had to go back home. Tom took me out to my favorite food for dinner.. Mexican! It was a great birthday to say the least. And Thomas spoiled me lots of course. Now I have to figure out how to make his birthday equally as amazing..its going to be pretty difficult.
Here is the cake chef Emily made-
The super cute table decorations( I love the movie Tangled)-
And my new favorite t-shirt from Emily-

All in all it was a great day! Thanks to Mom, Alex, Emily, Bethany, Kailey, Dad (for letting them come to Beaumont) and of course Thomas! Love you all.

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